Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why Basements Leak?

Leaking basements are a big problem. When water gets into a basement it can affect your whole house. Understanding why basements leak is the first step in preventing leaking in your basement. It can cause foundation damage and even introduce harmful mold. If you spot mold, chalky white powder, or brown stains on your concrete walls this may be an indication you have a problem. Some of the problems are due to the following:

Cracks or Holes in the Walls or Foundation

One of the most common is simply water running into the basement through the wall joints, seeping through the floor and coming in through cracks. Problems like this can be solved by a variety of waterproofing techniques.

Plugged Weeping Tiles

Sometimes basements leak because the drainage system around the house is clogged and that causes water to back up and flow into the basement. This can be solved by replacing an old weeping tile system.

Leaky Windows or Blocked Drainage Tiles in Window Wells Hydrostatic Pressure

Another common leak is through basement windows. When there is a lot of rain or snow drainage, windows can leak since they are at ground level. Installing new window wells (with proper drainage), can help to solve this problem

Hydrostatic Pressure

Ground water moves upward when the soil becomes saturated during heavy rains; pushes up from under the floor and makes its way in at the footer joint. The solution! Install an interior Pressure Relief System - connected to a sump system. Basements by nature are generally damp. Most basements require the use of a dehumidifier to rid excess moisture form the air. Moisture can be just as damaging as a leak if left untreated. Basements will leak because it is just natural. Basements are located below ground and if they are not properly waterproofed, then leaking will occur. They are more susceptible to water leaking because they are closer to water sources and at the perfect level for drainage issues. By understanding the common causes of basement leaks you can help to prevent leaks in your basement.

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